Radiant Heat/Infrared Heating

Since the mid 1970s, we have offered gas fired radiant/infrared heaters for commercial-industrial-agricultural applications.   Allow our wide experience to guide you in the selection of efficient and dollar-saving heating equipment.

Heating & Cooling

We distribute both VTACs and PTACs with gas heating and electric cooling.  For applications ranging from multi-family to lodging and assisted living, we offer a broad range of models to provide an excellent match for virtually any application.

Vehicle Exhaust & Welding Source Capture

For automotive, fleet service and military vehicle maintenance facilities, our unique and high value approaches will effectively remove exhaust fumes for a better working environment.  Our source capture products for welding applications likewise achieve a healthier and more effective approach to eliminating harmful fumes in the work zone.

Why Use Mountain Energy & Resources, Inc?

Since our formation in the mid 1970s, we have always prioritized customer service and responsiveness, both pre and post sale. As a company, we have chosen to focus on a few products, so that we can offer expertise, prompt service, and quick lead times on the product lines that we sell.